We can help you with Bay Area Search Engine Optimization (SEO), internet marketing, and overall search engine ranking improvement. We can get you listed at the top Bay Area search engines, including Yahoo! Bing and Google. We are SEO specialists, with over ten years in search engine optimization of web sites for increased visibility and traffic. More traffic to your site means more sales, period.

  • Search engine friendly web design & coding practices

    SEO Targeting

  • Local search engine optimization targeting the Bay Area, and surrounding cities
  • Interpret site statistics, analyze and understand your targeted campaigns
  • Exclude content from Search Engine Optimization
  • Create site maps for both humans and search engine optimization
  • Link popularity, Google Page Rank improvement
  • Keyword and key phrase density
  • Search engine marketing
  • Content creation to support SEO goals

  • How long does SEO Search Engine Optimization take to achieve? A minimum of one week, usually three to four weeks.
  • How can I verify Search Engine Optimization ranking improvement? We will provide you with a before and after snapshot of your ranking for your search terms. You will also notice a surge in sales, visitors, and inquiries.
  • Guaranteed Search Engine Optimization Ranking? This is merely spammers attempt at marketing. There is no such thing as a ranking guaranteed, be wary of anyone that claims search engine ranking secrets or overnight listings. We apply “Best Practice” techniques, that are tried and tested.

What we do is simple, we find your optimal phrases based on the number of searches per day, and your target market. We then optimize the code to get you placement for those search phrases. We provide detailed reports that show your baseline rank, and your current rank. Reports are provided monthly, or at your request. Feel free to contact us for a free baseline report!