Get an SEO Audit and find out what’s working, and what isn’t

Are your rankings as high as you would like? Are you an industry leader in your field, but not found at all in your target market online? Your SEO efforts are not paying off, or perhaps you’ve suddenly seen a drop in rankings for no apparent reason. We can help you to understand what is working, and what isn’t and set you in the right direction towards your SEO goals.

What is an SEO Audit?

We take a look at your current SEO efforts and ranking, and will make suggestions on what we find.
By performing a full SEO audit of your website, we’ll examine all of your on-page elements as well as your off-page efforts. We will:

  • Evaluate your site structure
  • Check Link Juice Flow both inbound and outbound
  • Test your site performance for both speed and even visual issues
  • Review the code of your web site, checking for SEO and coding issues
  • Find any “black hat” or unethical activity both on your site, and inbound links
  • Analyze your web page content, and make suggestions on format, flow, user interface, and branding
  • Uncover missed opportunities, and determine areas for growth
  • Assess your site navigation, and check compatibility on desktop, tablet, and mobile browsers
  • Compare your web site to your competitors. Both your “known” real life competitors, and the perhaps “unknown” online competition
  • Take a look at your Local SEO efforts, and suggest improvement areas

After the SEO audit, we will send back a report with any issues, suggestions, and a game plan for fixing any issues we find.

SEO web site auditing is an imperative function for any successful website.  If your search engine rankings have suddenly dropped, or your website is no longer ranking on terms you did before; let us help you get that business back.

How do we begin?

Just drop us a line on our contact page, and let us know that you are interested in an SEO audit for your web site.