Web Site Analytics

Understand your traffic, and optimize the user experience: web site analytics is the tool.

Understand who visits your website

We can help you to get a grasp of who visits your web site, how long they stay, what are the popular pages, how many visitors, what pages do no get visited, etc. By understanding the above, you can fine tune your service offerings to tailor to your customer’s needs. For example, if you run a restaurant, wouldn’t you want to know what is selling the most, and the worst, and why? With that information, you might raise or lower prices, change the recipe or formula. Without understanding what is and isn’t working, you are “flying in the dark”. We can help you to remove the blinders, and get a grasp on your web site analytics.

Using analytics we learn how your website is performing. It takes the guess work out of SEO, and makes it clear who is visiting your website. Whether you use Google Analytics, a different tool, or do not yet have web site analytics tracking setup, we will help you to understand the numbers, and make sense of which analytics are important to your business.

Understand your customers

Do you want to know how many people have visited your site every day, where they went, what pages they didn’t go to, what they purchased, what they added to the cart but did not buy, and what search phrases brought them there. With web site analytics you can find all of out this information, and much more.

Understand more about your customers, their behavior, their location, their needs, what types of browsers and machines they visit your site on, as well as the technology (web browser) they’ve used to view your site. Understand how visitor come to your web site and what web pages have provided you with the most page views and conversions.

Analytics can work in harmony with our other services – including SEO and PPC – or as a standalone package. Whatever your need it will consistently deliver amazing insights.

Get website insights, clarification, and a deep understanding of your users

There is a story to be read and understood for every website on the web. By creating custom reports and segments, we will:

  • Monitor website traffic, number of hits, etc
  • Track goals and conversions via funnel conversion tracking
  • Understand your best performing keywords, phrases, and pages
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Determine referring sources, and block unwanted visitors (yes, I block all of India and China from my site due to spam)
  • Troubleshoot any web site issues, including latency issues, coding issues, SEO blunders, etc.
  • Find old, outdated pages that no longer convert, and bring them back to life, restoring your ranking

We deliver you more

Our web analysts provide insights on any webpage for any campaign.

We believe in giving you more. You need an agency that doesn’t just perform great web analytics, but delivers unique insights, and translates this into a clear and understandable language with a plan that you can put into action.

You won’t be left scratching your head, honest. We’ll explain the data clearly, and provide you with a list of action points moving forward. Simple, straightforward, yet complete and thorough.

We can help you understand your web site, get in touch today to learn how we can help!