Web Design FAQ

The web design FAQ was designed to bring answers to commonly asked web design questions. If you don’t see your web design question answered here, feel free to give us a call, send us an email, or post a question on our forum.

What makes FrontEndTech better than the other guys?

In a word: experience. We have over 20 years experience, and have worked on hundreds of sites. We know the tricks of the trade, and we strive to build the best sites we can, every time.

How quickly can FET build a site?

Two to four weeks is normal, let us know if you need faster service!

What is the hourly rate?

$100/hour for maintenance
$200/hour for design, setup, wordpress installation, custom work, etc

Can FET get me first page placement?

We cannot guarantee top placement. We can however offer examples to prove our past success. We will also show you how we measure success, before we begin.

Does FET bid per project or estimate hours and bill the hourly rate?

We estimate in a per project basis, maintenance we will quote hourly.

Are there additional costs?

Besides your site, there is the hosting and domain name. We can help you with hosting, and even purchase of a domain name. Cost for hosting varies but our hosting starts at $10/month. The yearly cost for your domain name averages $20/year. Add hosting $120 to domain name $20, and you this is a typical cost of $140/year for hosting and domain name, paid directly to your registrar and hosting company.

Can FET help write copy and content?

Yes, we have an editor that can both write and edit content

Can FET help with photography?

Yes, we have a preferred photographer that we can refer you to.

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