What’s worse than an ugly website? A SLOW one!

We now offer website performance evaluation and upgrades.

For example, we will configure your site on a content delivery network for caching pages. This will deliver your site at the very fastest speed possible, by serving it up from around the world, not just one location.

Other enhancements include file optimization, and website speed tests.

For example, we just optimized a clients site today from a 6 second load time down to less than one second! BAM! We optimized the resources on the site, then setup and configured a CDN for esignsunlimited.com.

The yellow screenshot shows frontendtech.com loads in .6 seconds, WOW!

Get in touch today to get your website tuned up, and running as fast as possible!

Before Optimization:

  • Page Load Time: 3 seconds
  • File Size: 1.53MB
  • YSlow Score: B

Before Website Speed Optimization

After Optimization:

  • 100% decrease in page load time!
  • Page Load Time: 1.2 seconds
  • Page File Size: 813kb