EO packages are a smart way to gain visibility for your web site. You found this web site through a search engine, we know this because we do not do any paid advertising. We know how expensive paid ads can be, your budget can get eaten up in on month with very little conversion. With natural or organic ranking, once achieved you can expect to stay on the first page, or in the top five for several months. We offer the following Search Engine Optimization packages:

“Best Practices” SEO package: – $500 and up

10 key phrase SEO package: – $1,000 and up

20 key phrase SEO package: – $1,500 and up

30 key phrase SEO package: – $2,000 and up

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In addition to your search engine optimization package, you may want to consider taking advantage of an optional monthly management plan. Although your site will be optimized, maintenance may be necessary to keep your site up-to-date with the current search engine algorithm changes that are implemented regularly by the search engines. To maintain high rankings, frequent updates to your web site will show the engines that you are refreshing and updating your site content. So, for maximum exposure, choose a monthly management plan, and let our professionals handle it for you.


  1. Detailed Ranking Report
  2. Submission Management with Reports
  3. Site Visibility Statistics Report
  4. Server Check and Link Check
  5. Search Engine News Updates
  6. Personalized Report Analysis and Monitoring
  7. Monthly Manual Update to Optimized Content

Monthly SEO maintenance starts at $200/month.

Most search engines will index your site in about three (3) months, but it takes time to gain the popularity and ranking needed to compete on competitive phrases. We specialize in Google and Yahoo!.

FrontEndTech does not guarantee sales or traffic. The work provided for website optimization packages is based upon the company’s most diligent efforts to deliver top search engine rankings.