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Summit Estate

Summit wanted a site that they could maintain themselves, that was simple, yet modern. Medical Services Web Design for a local drug rehab / recovery center in the Santa Cruz Mountains.


Summit Estate

399 Old Mill Pond Rd
Los Gatos, CA 95033

Our Task


  • Built on WordPress platform for easy content management
  • Responsive Design: looks great on phones, tablets, etc.
  • Survey, custom widgets, and feedback tab

Skills Involved


    • WordPress
    • HTML
    • CSS

Web Design Testimonial

I want to begin by saying that Steve has an amazing amount of patience.  My company hired Steve to build a very large website about 4-5 months ago.  I was hired about a month and a half ago and put in charge of the project on our end.  The website is more than 50 pages, and each page is intricate and detailed.  My company is in medical/health services, and our website is intended to be an informational tool as well as a platform from which to advertise our services.

I have personally emailed Steve over 25 correction/change documents.  These documents I am referring to were sent to Steve after all website content had been submitted.  The corrections included everything from typos to content changes.

Steve did an amazing job, particularly with the design aspect. He is well-educated in color theory, and was able to guide us to make the best selections for our business.  As per our request, he used WordPress to create the site, and is even writing me a training document to teach me to make small additions or changes to the site as I see fit.  This will allow me to make immediate changes to the website blog, the staff page, etc., and will provide me with a level of control that I was not expecting, but that I deeply appreciate (especially since I know that Steve will always be there to perform any complicated or detailed functions that I am not comfortable with).

Steve had to deal with my perfectionism and demanding vision, and he did so by rising to meet the challenge and by creating a product that I am so proud to display to the world.  I am so very thankful for his expertise, and uncompromising dedication.

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